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Our dream is to create good games that are enjoyed and remembered by all kinds of people around the world.

about JoyCastle

A growing mobile game vendor and publisher

JoyCastle is a mobile game development company founded in 2014. We are focusing on casual games for smartphones and tablets. We have a clear vision for achieving outstanding results:

You reap what you sow.

This vision has pretty much shaped our culture and approach to the work. We are always hungry for knowledge, insights, and creativity. And always are ready to take up new challenges as they are the driving force that helps us make good games. We also believe that a sense of personal responsibility and ownership of our works really motivates and energizes us to do hard things. After all, we love what we do!

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Where we make our dreams come true

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What we believe in



The urge to direct our own work make us get better and better at something that matters.


Dedication and a lifetime of honing skills is the secret to success and the key to gaining everyone’s respect.


In the long run, we shape our games, we shape our teams and we shape ourselves.


The process of creating a game is a journey that never ends. We continue to learn and move forward in it.


What Players Say?

It is incredible, it is perfect 😍 💕 the music 🎶 and the tournament have been created to be able to carry out an experience of more than a year which has made me feel great illusion and joy! 😂 💪 😁 👏

Monica del pino Rodriguez Castellano

Core Player

Great game to play. Keeps you interested in playing and keeps you wondering what the next opening for the next day station is to see what is going to bring have fun. Good luck!

Angel Dunn

Core Player

This game is so much fun kids mums dads even granny and grandad would be able to have fun playing this game. I have been playing a lot of these games and just love to go on and click on them, you will be amazed at the graphics, and the fun you will have with all the different levels you get to merge into so much fun. I didn’t believe my friend when she told me how much fun you can have come on join in. You’ll not look back trust me, and I haven’t only forward at the sheer amount of fun levels there is.

Shirley Mcclelland

Core Player

Only been playing for a couple of days but I am already addicted, cute, cute, cute, and has can’t wait to see what happens next aspect as well. Just download the new update and hope there are many more to keep this game going. Well done chaps and chapesses;o) great game in all.

Maria Griffiths

Core Player

I’ve been playing 4 WHILE SINCE the BEGINNING, I ❤THIS GAME! There’s something for everyone! Young & old, It got several different puzzle games, merge & matching games, It’s the best puzzle & merging game out there, & I play a lot. Download it, and u will love it, 4 everyone who has Chronic Pain & FIBROMYALGIA Pain, This game will take your mind off your Chronic. Pain helps u Relax 2 ease yr pain, GAME is well thought out & made, Download it! Thanks!

Vicki Biggs

Core Player